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What Not to Wear in a Photoshoot

The clothes that are worn and the accessories that are used may really make or break a photoshoot. They have the ability to establish the mood of the photographs, reveal aspects of your personality, and give your photographs an exceptional appearance.

However, clothes and accessories can frequently become a source of distraction and even give the impression of being sloppy or unprofessional.

We are going to provide you with some instances of things that you should not wear to a photoshoot. Learn more about inappropriate clothing options for photoshoots by perusing the recommendations and suggestions that follow.

Something Inappropriate

When designing your clothing, you should make sure to take into account the location of the shoot. When you are taken against a plain neutral backdrop, as opposed to when you are taking photos in a riotously colorful fall forest, you will appear quite different in the photos!

And let's not forget about patterns: if you're photographed against a brick wall while wearing a pattern like plaid or stripes, you'll have more lines in the picture than a zebra in solitary confinement. What is the result? There is a chance no one focuses on your face in that photo.

Loose, baggier clothes

Keep in mind that your loved ones will be able to see what you look like even when they are unable to be with you thanks to the photographs you have taken.

When compared to loose clothing, which can make you look boxy, fitted garments give off an impression that is much more polished and flattering.

When trying on coats, sweaters, or shirts with collars, make sure they fit properly and check to see that the collar will not cover your face when you sit down and that the shoulders will not bunch up.

Something that you have never put on in the past

We are all for going shopping, but the photo session shouldn't be the first time that you put on your brand-new threads! You'll want to be relaxed and sure of yourself, so if you're not sure how that skirt will behave when you're concentrating on your poses, it's best to wait until you don't have professional photographic confirmation of your poses.

Get your hands on that go-to clothing, the one that makes you appear more confident and gives you the impression that you can take on the world.


It is vital to coordinate your costumes, even if you are not trying for a specific theme. However, it is not necessary for everyone at your party to wear the exact same thing. Your final image may suffer from being hampered by the presence of too much plaid or too much white. Choose two to three colors that go well together to give the concept a more contemporary spin, or wear several tones of the same color to create a cohesive look. Make it more interesting by using everyone's favorite accent color, such as red, and requiring them to wear just a little of that hue.

Last but not least, make an effort to steer clear of the situation in which just one member of the family chooses to put on an entirely different hue, particularly if the color in question is quite vivid or stands in striking contrast to the other members of the family. This divides the group's focus among that one individual rather than bringing them together as a whole. If that is the point you are trying to make, then this is perfectly acceptable.

Stained, faded, or wrinkled clothing

In the photographs you use for your personal brand, you want to present an image that is polished and professional. Colors that have faded, shirts that are stretched out, or sweaters with pilling do not photograph well, and sadly, they portray a message that is less than professional.

If you've already rummaged through your closet and you still haven't been able to locate anything that satisfies the requirements, then take a look at the bright side: at the very least, it gives you a good reason to go shopping!

Loud colors and patterns with a lot of detail

It is ideal to add neon colors or prints softly through your jewelry, a scarf, or props like office supplies, and to keep the other visual components of the session simple. Even if neon colors or designs symbolize your brand, it is better to incorporate them subtly. Otherwise, they are likely to dominate the image, causing viewers' attention to be drawn away from you and toward your clothing instead of you.

Exposing an excessive amount of skin

Since the photographs you use for your personal branding are going to be used for the marketing of both your business and yourself, it is best to avoid wearing anything too exposing and instead choose clothes that are more subdued. The purpose of your images is to reinforce to your customers that they should take you and your business seriously.

Final Keys

Be at ease, have self-assurance, and make use of your common sense! If you are unsure what to do, ask your photographer for advice on what has worked for them in the past and what they have in store for you. Their guidance has the potential to transform an awkward picture session into a memorable and enjoyable occasion that results in photographs that you will treasure for many years to come.

If you are planning an upcoming a photoshoot, you can fill out our intake form here, so we can schedule a quick call to understand your needs and partner you with a photographer who’s skillset aligns with your vision.

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