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Kid's Intro to Photography
8-Week Course

Unlock your child's creativity and imagination with SpareKey Creative's live, 8-week photography course for children 8 and up held in our downtown Denton, TX studio. Our skilled instructors provide hands-on, in-person training twice a week, teaching kids how to tell their unique stories through photography. Give your child the gift of creativity and register today!

Benefits of Signing up your child

Imaginative Learning 


Our curriculum is crafted to inspire creativity and self-expression. We believe in learning through hands-on experience, encouraging children to tell stories through the lens.



Empowering Confidence


Beyond photography skills, our course instills confidence and boosts self-esteem. Witness your child grow not only as a photographer but also as a storyteller. 

Supportive Community


Have your child join a community of young photographers, where creativity knows no bounds. Our showcase events and collaborative projects foster a sense of belonging and celebration. 

Skill Development


Your child not only captures moments but hones skills that last a lifetime. From mastering the camera to crafting visual stories, your child gains enduring abilities, fostering a passion for photography. 

Child Photography Class

8 Week Schedule

Week 1 - 2: Welcome to the World of Photography

  • Introduction to photography basics

  • Getting comfortable with your camera


Week 3 - 4: Crafting Visual Stories - The Art of Composition

  • Discover the Rule of Thirds

  • Dive into hands-on composition exercises


Week 5 - 6: Playing with Lights and Shadows

  • Learn the magic of light

  • Explore creative uses of shadows and highlights


Week 7 - 8: Beyond the Basics - Unleashing Your Creativity

  • Delve into advanced techniques

  • Collaborate on a group project and build your own portfolio

Sign up now! Classes begin February 19th and 20th!

Special New Year Price of $125 per month for a limited time only
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